Reporting Abuse

Please note that Hintme is a user created network and some user's views may not be agreeable with all other users. If you find that a friend is sharing hints with you that aren't agreeable and they are unresponsive to your requests to stop sharing such hints with you, you can discreetly un-friend that user from your Friends page.

Hints with the permission setting "All my friends and Hintme" by a user or "Public" by a store are made visible to the public via public links and through listings in Hintme and the Hintmall respectively. Public hints that are deemed as inappropriate by Hintme standards set in our Terms Of Use may be tagged as Blocked Content (which will remove the listing in the hintMall). At our discretion, Hintme may remove access to certain hints entirely that contain but are not limited to the following:

  • Abusive Content
  • Nudity
  • Graphic sexual content
  • Violent ,hateful or repulsive content
  • Harmful dangerous acts
  • Spam, Mass Advertising, Scams or Fraud,.Misleading Content (Images Text or links)
  • Copyright Infringement, or abuse of someone's rights.

Note: Hintme will tag at our discretion any content that we deem inappropriate for Hintme. We review all the hints that enter our Inappropriate Content system however some content flagged as Inappropriate by users may not be removed by Hintme.

Offenders of our Terms of use may have their profiles permanently disabled and not be allowed to use Hintme again.

Please note that abusing Hintme's Inappropriate Content Flagging feature in any way is also a violation of Hintme's Terms Of Use which may result in your profile being permanently disabled and you may not be able to use Hintme again.

In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, Hintme investigates all claims of Copyright Infringement. If you find that your copyright has been infringed upon within Hintme, please email Hintme reserves the right at our discretion to terminate access to our services of any user who infringes the property rights of any third party.

Thank you for helping us make Hintme a friendly place for everyone.