Hintme & the Hintmall

Social Shopping Has Evolved!

  • Share all your products for free in your Hintmall store.

  • Users hint your products from the Hintmall.

  • Countless users re-hint your products on Hintme.

  • Need to update the price of your hint?

    No worries.

    All those hints get updated too. Bam!

  • Share exclusive hints with your followers.

    Set a category and location for your hints.

    Add Hintme buttons to products on your website.

    Market your store "hintme.com/MyStoreRocks"

The only catch? There isn't one!

Hintme is free and always will be.

Open your Hintme store now.
Lets go!

Have more questions about stores? Visit our FAQ.

Install the Hintme bookmarklet and share your products in the Hintmall.

1. Drag and drop this Hintme! button into your desktop browser's bookmark bar.

Hintme! Click here for mobile device bookmark installation.

2. Go to your website and click the hintme button when you want to share a hint.

3. Double check your hint because everyone who re-hints your store hints will see these details. They will even see any changes you make in the future. Cool huh?

4. Invite your social networks to follow your Hintme store. Your Hintme address is your username. e.g. www.hintme.com/MyStoreRocks.

5. Build your fan base, easily offer exclusive hints to your followers and connect directly with Hintme users who care about your awesome store.

And of course you have total domination over who gets to see your hints! You rule!